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s o y s o l o ® “I am unique”, was created in an art studio amongst paintings, engravings, sculptures, sketches, drawings and art projects….in the center of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Granada, Andalusia-Spain.


My life has always been linked to the art world, and it has been this energy which has guided and driven me on my journey to discover, experiment and try new paths throughout my artistic career. As spring was coming to an end and the summer beginning, I started to look at ways of expressing my art in different forms. The temperature was rising in the city, so now was the moment to get my summer shoes “esparteñas” from the back of my winter closet. As always my summer shoes feel great but I realized that they looked a bit dull and boring, then came the idea to hand paint my first pair of “esparteñas” Yes I was right….I would take the art from my canvas to my shoes on the ground. My “esparteñas” will be comfortable, stylish, elegant and trendy to be worn anytime day or night. Made of silk and beautifully designed, they look more like a piece of art. The colors and designs began to flow like poetry in motion. After my first pair, my enthusiasm grew as did my unique hand painted shoe collection. While hand painting them each pair turned out to be different, making them so special, so exclusive….they were, without a doubt unique. I am different, I am unique…mmm…yes!, Eureka......I think I got it… s o y s o l o ® “I am unique”.....That would be my brand name! s o y s o l o ® ’s great acceptance from the beginning as well as my family and friends’ support, gave me the confidence and strength to continue on this wonderful artistic journey: My “esparteñas” will be environmentally friendly and follow the craft work of a centuries-old tradition. Contributing to the local economy, getting to know the suppliers, shoe makers and their techniques will give me the freedom to create and give my full attention and imagination to discover new designs, new forms, colours and materials. My first collection of s o y s o l o ® was born! Nowadays, s o y s o l o ® “I am unique” is not alone! Myself and my team are dedicated to designing shoes to the highest standard giving you beauty, elegance and exclusivity. We are based in Granada, Andalusia-Spain, where my first collection was inspired by the land, the colors and its amazing beauty which surrounds the city and is loved by the many who come here to visit. You can find our unique collection in different boutiques around Spain and the south of France such as Madrid, Seville, Castellón, and Nice. In the near future you will find us in Malaga, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, San Sebastian, Gijon, Vigo and Palma de Mallorca but always being loyal to our philosophy and respecting the essence of our project, designs will be in limited editions giving our present and future clientele the feeling of being “s o y s o l o ® “For more information, feel free to contact us at info@soysolo.es

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